What is my rising sign?

What is my Ascendant?

You are probably familiar with your zodiac (or sun) sign. That’s quite a calculation. So you need to know your exact birth time to determine for sure what your Ascendant is, says OReilly, adding that it’s important to avoid guesswork to ensure accuracy.

Your Ascendant matches your Sun – and moon signs to give you a more accurate representation of your personality, says astrologer Taanaz Chubb, author of My Pocket Mantras and founder of Forever Conscious. yourself, that you introduce to someone before they really know you.

Also known as your rising sign, your rising sign traits are what you are meant to incorporate into your life, explains astrologer Valerie Mesa. So if you feel like you don’t identify with your Sun sign, it’s probably because your Ascendant is the part of your personality that really shines: your Ascendant is your essence, which you present to the world, says Mesa >* 100010*So yes, call your parents or locate your birth certificate. Once you’ve determined exactly when (and where) you were born, you can calculate your horoscope for free on a site like Astro.com.

Did you download your data? See what your rising sign says about you…

Aries Ascendant
Aries Sex Horoscope Forecasts January 2019

If your rising sign is Aries, then you can bet you have a strong sense of self and entrepreneurship, says OReilly, adding: very action-oriented.

Astrologer Donna Page agrees, adding that people born in this zodiac sign are bold leaders. it is good. [They] make quick decisions when presented with something they want, she says.

And ICYMI, Aries is ruled by Mars, which means you’re passionate and (at times) a little hot headed. says Mesa.

Ascendant Aries will literally walk with spirit, says Mesa, and you are proactive about your physique, health and fitness. You probably love working out too, as it’s the perfect way to get things done – gym, errands, lunch – without wasting time changing clothes.

Taurus Rise
January 2019 sex horoscope predictions for Taurus

You’re probably super cold, aren’t you? O’Reilly says having Taurus as your Ascendant means you take a more practical and slower approach to life.

You’re also quite realistic, which means you don’t tend to overdo it. A Taurus rising sign can also make you very sensitive to sensory stimulation, says OReilly. (Think: is your TikTok running all ASMR videos?)

Page says people of this rising sign have a high regard for nature and find happiness in the simple comfort of creatures and the physical world.
And yes, Taurus is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. In general, Taurus ascendants are physically handsome, explains Mesa.

Taurus ascendants also thrive on physical touch, like hugging, Mesa says, and when you’re around, it brings comfort and stability. .

Ascendant Gemini
January 2019 Gemini sex horoscope predictions

For the increasingly curious rising Gemini, there’s always something new to learn, explore and share, says OReilly. People with this rising sign are versatile and adaptable.

They also possess strong communication skills, primarily through teaching and writing. Page says the ability to communicate can also make a Gemini a social butterfly.

Gemini Ascendants are ruled by quick, bright, and communicative Mercury, says Mesa. This can manifest as a glint of malice and curiosity in their eyes, she explains.

When Gemini ascendants are around other people, they feel more energetic, Mesa says.

cancer on the rise
Cancer sex horoscope predictions for january 2019

Cancer Ascendants are sensitive to the emotional atmosphere and subtle undercurrents around them, says Page. They instinctively and intuitively know when something feels right and when it doesn’t – and that comes from instinct, not intellect.

You also tend to have a soft and gentle heart, says OReilly. Don’t be surprised if you also enjoy walking alone. OReilly says Cancers need a lot of alone time to be faithful and respect their own unique rhythm to thrive.

Under the Moon’s rule, Cancers are elusive and can be difficult to read. Their moods are always changeable and mysterious, says Mesa.

Cancer ascendants can even have an angelic, rosy, doe-eyed look, Mesa says, which matches their intuitive energy and similarity.

Leo Ascendant
sex horoscope predictions for leo in january 2019

You are outgoing, super creative and everyone will want you at the party because you know how to get started. You thrive when you have an outlet to share and be recognized for your creativity, says OReilly.

Page agrees, adding that Leo zodiac signs walk into a room and people feel it. That’s because Leos are known for making others feel warm and welcome, says Page.

They shine like the sun and often have a dramatic flair, explains Mesa, which is why many Leos as artists are well known.
They are also very loyal friends. So if you know someone who falls under this sign, you’re going to want to keep them in your corner.

Virgo Ascendant
You’re a problem solver and you’re happy to volunteer, says OReilly, adding that there’s satisfaction in being a part of what makes the world smoother and more efficient.< br>
Which is interesting, because while you enjoy being there for others, you’re a pretty self-sufficient sign, says Page. Virgo Ascendants, also ruled by Mercury, are very dedicated and responsible, says Mesa.

They often have such a long to-do list and so many things on their mind that they are almost unresponsive or careless work. you, but they are, says Mesa. You’re just busy.

You’re also good at staying objective and maintaining a sober attitude, which is probably why you’re known for making mistakes.

Libra Ascendant
anuary 2019 Libra sex horoscope predictions

A born diplomat, you tend to be tolerant and fair when hearing different points of view, says Page. So it is not surprising that you are also constantly seeking balance in your own life.

However, your ability to see all sides can also make you indecisive, Mesa says, as you want to consider all feelings when making a choice.

Harmony, peace and love are all your MO, Ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, Libra Ascendants are full of charm and social light, says Mesa. They are sweet and beautiful, and they seek companionship and relationship, says Mesa.

Ascendant in Scorpio
January 2019 sex horoscope predictions for Scorpio

Hmm, you might find yourself amazing if Scorpio is your rising sign. That’s because you’re not just a truth seeker, but according to OReilly, your emotional intelligence and instincts work like a sixth sense.

Page says you can also be quite reserved, which means you’re a little reserved. wall to break when it comes to getting to know you. But once someone does, you’re their ride or you die, no matter what.

When you think of Scorpio Ascendants, look for people with strong looks and appearances. They emit that secret, sexy, sensual energy like they can see right through you without realizing it, says Mesa.

In short, Scorpios can read you like a book and are super tough.

Sagittarius Ascendant
January 2019 sex horoscope predictions for Sagittarius

Life is a big adventure when you fall under this rising sign. They want it all and they want to make the most of it, Mesa explains.

Basically, you like to enjoy life and you are generous with your availability to others because you like to make time for activities that bring joy and insight, he says. Table.

Reilly tells you: There is always more to learn and incorporate into your own life, and in doing so, you become an inspiration, role model, and teacher to others.
Page says that this optimistic attitude leads Sagittarius to face the challenge of going to great lengths to realize the life vision you dream of.

She finds them quite persuasive too: they can get carried away with enthusiasm for what they believe in.

Ascendant in Capricorn
Sex Horoscope Predictions for Capricorn January 2019

For this zodiac sign, OReilly says that discipline, achievement, and validation through hard work are important. You must also have a deep respect for history and what came before it.

Even though you’re the cutest person on the planet, you still seem to have an attitude that I’m not here to joke around, says Mesa. They have a sophisticated, leadership-focused leadership energy, she adds.

You will never fall for this jump thing and the web will appear. Capricorn Rising is pragmatic and, according to OReilly, will only achieve certain goals after strategizing and slowly working towards the end goal.

And Page says you’ll only give your seal of approval in a specific situation, if you’re confident you can commit to seeing it through to completion.

Aquarius Ascendant
January 2019 Sex Horoscope Predictions for Aquarius

This zodiac sign is forward-looking and more focused on where it’s going where you’ve been, says O’Reilly.

You’re also a rebel with one thing: O’Reilly says the Aquarius Ascendant has a desire to break the status quo, with the ultimate goal, humanity as a whole.
Aquarius Ascendant is also strong, loyal, and willing to help friends solve their problems from a rational perspective, according to Page.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, Mesa says, which means you shake things up when you enter the room. The way they express themselves is so unique and different, Mesa says.

Part of the rising signs’ journey is that they need to stand out, Mesa says. Basically, if you’re an Aquarius Rising and you’ve never felt a sense of belonging, it just means that you fully embody your rising sign. (A good thing!)

Ascendant in Pisces
The Pisces Ascendant is a kind and sensitive person with a deep understanding of people and a non-judgmental approach to others, says Page.
Not wanting to see anyone else suffer, they offer to help when a friend needs it. a shoulder to cry on. Reilly says that the Pisces Ascendant also has a deep understanding that all things are interconnected and consistently strive for unity.

Pisces Ascendants are also multifaceted and often have many different sides. They love art, music, television and the like, says Mesa. They will go through stages portraying different characters and styles because they are deeply artistic, she explains.

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