Capricorn (0%) The least unfaithful. Loyal and faithful, he takes his relationships seriously and dedicates himself entirely to his partner. 

Virgo (5%)  Responsible and loyal fulfill their obligations without complaining to the ones they love.  

Cancer (10%)  Dedicated lovers are usually conservative and don’t like to deviate from the norms.   

Taurus (20%)  Extremely attached to the security and stability of their relationships, they hardly betray.   

Libra (30%)  The most romantic of the zodiac idealize and put everything in their partner. 

Sagittarius (40%)  Independent and free do not like imposing relationships or imposing limits. 

Aquarius (50%)  Very detached and worshipers of what is different, they see flirting slips as unimportant. 

Leo (60%)  Very exhibitionist and vain likes to be courted and if that doesn’t happen...

Gemini (70%)  Pisces (80%)  Aries (90%)  Scorpio (100%)  See the percentage of the other signs and what they say here

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