The 5 Most Misunderstood Zodiac Signs According to Astrologers

While many of the stereotypes common to each of the zodiac symbols – such as Capricorn being purpose-oriented and Aries being self-serving – may hold true for many, there are also many common mistakes for each symbol. Of course, we are entirely unique humans, and astrologically, our entire home map – not just our sun sign – resonates with who we are as people. (This may also help explain why she doesn’t necessarily look at herself with her sign.) But, in adjustment with astrologers, for five substantially misunderstood zodiac signs, widely held beliefs about who they are, according to their sign, simply don’t land. For Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo and Scorpio, astrologer Adama Sesay says the popularization of viral astrology memes and the presumption in zodiac compatibility – which can inaccurately lead people to calculate that some signs are at odds with them – can have played a role in issuing these misconceptions. “There is a sad side to every symbol and a bright side to every sign,” says Sesay. But with these strong signals in question, beliefs about certain shadow qualities being constant have incorrectly become synonymous with their total essence. Below, find the opinion of two astrologers on why those five are the most misunderstood zodiac symbols and why.

Twins When people think of Gemini, says Sesay, it’s possible that no-stops evoke someone who has “two faces or split personalities”. This misconception that Gemini is defined by this bestowed shadow trait in a right way stems from being the symbol of the twins, but just like that, it overlooks one of Gemini’s proven strengths: communication. “Geminis are harmonious with communication and imaginative with words,” says Sesay. So while Gemini can be “intellectually fluid”, activates Sesay, it is not necessarily the case that they are maliciously duplicitous people and, therefore, are an often misunderstood sign.

Cancer Many people might think of Cancer as being overly emotional, says astrologer and social worker Monisha Holmes, MSW. The logic by which Cancers are one of the most misunderstood zodiac symbols, adds Holmes, is that subjects often mistake them for the Cancer moon signs. As the moon rules vixes emotions and is the planetary president of Cancer, miracles with this placement tend to have a lot of emotions. But this is not globally true for sun cancers. “I think people don’t realize that Cancers are very receptive,” says Holmes. “Cancer suns can end up being very positive crosses, upbeat bench press people. They take this catchphrase of being very childish, but in reality, they can be very affectionate and end up taking on the role of caregiver.”

Lion According to Holmes, certain people may think that Leos are “desperate for attention”, which she reasons “unfair because they start to dismiss Leos as needy”. What’s really going on with Leos, says Holmes, is that “they work very hard to be the best so the world can depend on them.” When she takes into account that Leo’s ruling demo is the sun, Holmes says it might be more intelligible to understand that they aren’t really trying to flaunt or suck all the strength out of the room: they might feel the same reflection of responsibility to strengthen the people that the sun has to favor the life of our solar system.

Virgin “Nitpicky, perfectionist, kind of boring”, are the compromises that Sesay uses to announce the misconceptions surrounding the Virgo mansion sign. It adds that the confusion here is quite rightly caused by citizens who don’t know why they do these things unharmed or can patent themselves that way. Spoiler alert: it comes from a pure place. While when a Virgo is annoyed, he may think it’s just to be an annoyance, that’s not the case. According to Sesay, they really want to help people be better. “Virgos are naturally gifted with being able to correct something,” says Sesay. “Virgos are here to power things up.”

Scorpion  practical terms, adds Sesay, this translates to Scorpios regularly reinventing themselves, which can sometimes mean cutting entanglements with people they no longer feel connected to. As this is an ongoing stage for Scorpios, tames may see them as “vindictive or ruthless,” adds Sesay. To free yourself from this misconception, then, it might be good to remember that Scorpio is a gesture that constantly works to be preferable. This can carpet getting to know people in a deeper predicament, which can be intense, but intense ad isn’t necessarily negative. “Scorpions can complete being people who definitely want to get to know people, really want to understand people, and really want to have that mutual beginning of opening.”

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