The 3 most stubborn zodiac signs the other 2 are light

We all have that fellow or member of the genealogy who is notorious for being hot-tempered and unshakable in his opinions. (Pineapple belongs on pizza and that’s the end of it, damn it!) And once they’ve made up their minds, trying to convince them to see matters differently is like moving forward making Moira Rose leave her wig lovers behind in a cremation – it’s just not going to happen. When it comes to receiving habits and beliefs, astrology tells us whether different signs have a hand hold or a more practical debate. Here, the three most stubborn signs and their flexible ones match their flow counterparts.

Advertising The most persistent zodiac signs

1 Taurus (April 20 to May 20) Taurus revels in the sensory raptures to their circuit — 800-thread-count sheets, relaxing playlists, freshly baked cookies. those earth signs take comfort in the familiar. So, when you’re detecting yourself with a Taurus friend, wait… the expected: dinner plans in your weekly red followed a movie dark (that romantic drama they’ve seen hundreds of times). Astrological bulls are intentional higher up in how they spend their time, and they don’t move when they have their coconuts (and horns) fixed on an idea. As fixed signs, it is spontaneously for Taurus to become entangled in rigid plans and doctrines of beliefs. Especially since these usual habits invest them in feeling so secure. We know you forcefully order the iced chai latte, Taurus, but why not fuse and try something different?

2 Capricorn (December 21 to January 20) Grab your hiking boots. Capricorn sees life as a quantity and is determined to climb through every uneven obstacle until it reaches the summit (and contemplate for all of us underlings). They are the prestigious rule-makers and enforcers, holding themselves and others in incredibly high personification. And while Ground Signs are extremely self-critical, Caps know they’re the best at managing their life deliberations (because paying all their faith to the rest isn’t their strong suit). Capricorns have each day carefully mapped out – from agapes to clothes – at the sight of which it’s no wonder they’re braver to get off the grid. Self-reliance is a registered Cap style; they won’t let anyone stand in the way of their goals (even if that goal is to gain control of the corporal to help on a long journey).

3 Leo (July 23 to August 22) If you’ve never argued with a Leo, consider yourself lucky, because these fire signs do. not. Give way. Their stubbornness stems mainly from the fact that they are often quite in contrast to the idea that they could be wrong, so they are ready and willing to fight – even if it’s the final thing they do. You know that friend who insists on making all Friendsgiving corn bread without looking at the lace once? Yes, she is definitely a leonine. And despite her best efforts, she turns each excursion into an extended excursion because she always “feels the GPS is wrong”. Her stubbornness returns her devoted, loyal, and generally found friends, but, man, can that be exhausting.

4 The least stubborn zodiac signs Pisces (February 19 to March 20) Ah, Pisces, our cosmic mermaids, able to march through our realm scope as they delve into the depths of others’ emotions. They notice when she’s lying about her weekend crisps or looking forward to a new job. One of the four changeable zodiac symbols, Pisces can change looks to match any room’s strategy. Intuitive water symbols will empathize with your crew’s opinions and feelings. If you ask the slippery symbol which TV show he would like to watch, the conformable Pisces is eager to drive the choice that brings him joy. Pisces is held during the time they are lifting others. But when planning for their alone time, Pisces are discerning about how they relax and escape (so make sure you give them adequate space to swim).

5 Gemini (May 20 to June 21) Ideas are currency for the curious Gemini. These intellectual air signs thrive on playful debates and quick banter. Like the wind, Gemini’s thoughts don’t stay in place for very long. They are willing to have their infallibilities changed in their lifelong pursuit of learning. Represented by the Twins, the Gems are perpetually divided when it comes to making decisions. One correlate wants to relax on the beach, the other wants to jam a surfboard and hit the waves. So when you preach surfing, Gem is delighted for someone to break her inner deception. Desiring new names and adventures, skill is a Gemini emotion. Commitments, firm plans and unshakable ideas? Not a lot.

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