Scorpio – Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 15/05

Scorpio daily horoscope today

Scorpio Forecast 05/15
Every opportunity that you come across you must grab with your strength. You may be surprised by a person further away from your circle.

Your feelings will be a little more withdrawn as they collide with the energy of the Fire component. Stay away when possible from people with a bad aura.

About Scorpio zodiac sign

Scorpio is born between the 23rd of October and the 21st of November.

Underneath a calm, controlled exterior the Scorpio heart beats intensely. Passionate, penetrating, and determined, this sign will probe until it reaches the truth.

Matches with: Taurus

Scorpio zodiac sign is: Intense

Lucky Numbers: 18-22-37-48-59-60

Tarot card: Desire

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