Pisces – Daily Horoscope Today Monday 05/16

Daily horoscope today Pisces

Forecast Pisces 05/16
In love you will not undergo many changes, your feelings must remain exactly as they are on this day. Avoid anything that can come to shake the progress of your relationships.

In the astral field, the planet Mercury will make many moves in your favor. When opening a letter new revelations should appear.

About the zodiac sign of Pisces

It is of the sign of Pisces who was born between the days, February 19 to March 20.

Pisces people are kind and affectionate. Easygoing and able to accept the people around them well, Pisces are often found in the company of a variety of different personalities.

Matches with: Scorpio

Pisces zodiac sign is: Emotional

Lucky Numbers: 07-28-29-33-49-60

Tarot Card: The Moon

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