Daily horoscope of the zodiac signs June 11, 2022

Moon and Uranus indicate that in the morning there may be changes to what was programmed. Fortunately, in the afternoon the Moon combines forces with Mercury, favoring good contacts. Freedom and independence are the watchwords, it is easier to break with something that holds you back. Take the opportunity to practice detachment and get rid of something you no longer want. It is also worth cultivating creativity. However, continue to respect your energetic limits. It’s time to complete whatever it takes and dream new dreams.

In the morning, doses of flexibility are important, avoid forcing situations. Analysis and finalizations remain on the agenda. The waning Moon follows in Aquarius and combines with Mercury in the afternoon: count on a predisposition to complete whatever it takes. You can also optimize resources, review budgets, cut expenses, reduce expenses. With the waning moon, it’s time to leave something behind and make room for new things. All done without haste or haste so that there are no mistakes.

Ideal time to complete matters. Moon, Mercury and Saturn follow in Aquarius to favor the connection with the new currents of thought. Antennas are on. However, beware of aggressive rebelliousness. With charm, confidence, good conversation and a beautiful smile on your face, there’s nothing you can’t achieve. Count on willingness to complete tasks, energy for creative and original activities. It is also worth making unusual proposals, escaping the routine, programming something different to do.

The desire for freedom and independence speaks louder. The Moon is still in Aquarius, today is one of those days when you want to do everything differently. Good time to leave behind old beliefs and behaviors that are no longer useful. Dream, romance, music and fantasy are also highlighted with the Sun in Pisces. However, from late afternoon onwards, the moon clashes with Uranus in the morning: be flexible, beware of criticism and complaints. Try to take it easy on yourself and others.

Moon and Mercury favor creative movements, innovative and original proposals. It’s time to open your mind to new inspirations. Good opportunities can come with friends or with the people you work with. But for news to come, it is necessary to finalize matters. An important cycle comes to an end now. Try to put an end to the pending issues, so that you can freely manage new projects. The Sun remains in Pisces and warns: everything is resolved with love, understanding and empathy.

It’s easier to balance responsibility with doses of daring, creativity and irreverence. The waning moon follows in Aquarius, you can complete matters and also do something that brings a sense of freedom. Art and sensibility are highlighted. Try to elevate your feelings, it’s time to renew energy with more inspiration, creativity and sensitivity. Also look for how you feel about the last lunation’s victories or failures. Do you already know the goals for the new cycle that will come soon?

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Communication, movement and good exchanges are favored with the combination of Moon and Mercury. Don’t leave for later what you can do today, you can advance tasks. Good ideas can open up new professional fields, especially if you are artistic. But beware of imprudence. It is important to pull the ground wire to avoid illusions, to observe the lack to avoid losses or disappointments. Try to cultivate tranquility. With the waning moon, restraint is an important lesson.

The period can be creative and productive. It is time for important changes, which can be made more wisely. The Moon remains in the avant-garde Aquarius and combines with Mercury: you can do something different, seek alternative and original routes. You can also free yourself, leave people, habits and behaviors behind, keep in your life only what you want to last in it. The conditionings are lower, take the opportunity to connect with new ideas and new currents of thought.

Restraint, moderation and prudence become more important now. You can beat that urge to kick everything in the air, break something that holds you back and give a cry for freedom. The tendency is to become more spacious, restless, exaggerated and to go beyond limits. It is also important to cultivate diplomacy to avoid ruptures and losses. The best thing to do is let your imagination run wild, dream and have fun. But avoid overly grand projects or risky adventures. With the waning moon, rest, relax and let life flow without forcing situations.

The period of personal transformation continues, good for letting go of addictions. Be careful not to get too carried away with the desire for freedom and neglect responsibilities. Continue to reevaluate partnerships and relationships. It is important to realign interests, always with an open heart to listen. With the waning moon, it is important to respect your energetic limits. At night it’s good to take it easy, avoid charges, let life flow without forcing situations. Flexibility and responsiveness are important!

It’s time to finish the unfinished: negotiate, pay off debts, finalize agreements and meet deadlines so that you can soon start new projects. Take advantage of the waning moon in your sign to work as a team, cultivate the gregarious spirit. Good period to modernize and cut situations that no longer interest you. It is also worth organizing expenses, matters related to finance remain highlighted. In the morning, Moon and Uranus indicate possible unforeseen events, be flexible. This is no time for recklessness.

A more creative and bold feeling can help when concluding questions and resolving impasses. With the Sun in your sign, it is easier to cultivate optimism, make contacts, dialogue and find a new look at old issues. Let your intuition rule, trust your abilities and your talents. But it’s good to be careful with your energy limits, try to do everything calmly. Jupiter and Neptune also follow in your sign, favoring transcendental matters, imagination and connection with the subtle worlds.

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