Capricorn – Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 15/05

Daily horoscope today Capricorn

Capricorn Forecast 05/15
As expected, the planet Sun will make a big difference in the deeper emotional aspects linked to this sign. The color green should appear in your day which tends to be a positive sign.

In the family a loved one will keep in closer contact with you.

About the zodiac sign Capricorn

It is from the sign of Capricorn who was born between the 22nd of December to the 20th of January.

When it comes to professionalism and traditional values, Capricorn has the upper hand. This sign loves practicality and faces life in the most conventional way possible.

Matches with: Cancer

Capricorn zodiac sign is: Agitated

Lucky Numbers: 35-39-44-53-58-60

Tarot Card: Of Temptations

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