5 objects that bring good energies and attract happiness to your home

The search for good energies is an ancient theme and covers all civilizations. Different rituals in different places seek something in common: harmony and protection.

Based on different beliefs and methods practiced around the world, we have compiled a list of 5 objects that attract good vibes.

  1. Fresh flowers
    Feng Shui, a practice that dates back to ancient China that aims to harmonize environments, believes that fresh flowers without thorns bring good mood to the home they live in.

After According to the method, flowers with thorns should be avoided indoors, as they can interfere with the flow of energy.

2. crystals
You may have seen some stores that sell crystals. But what does the play really represent? For believers, the crystal offers a cleansing of the heavy energies of the environment and even has healing properties.
Each crystal has its function, however, like hematite, which wards off the evil eye and envy.*

  1. Dreamboards
    Despite the fashion that popularized Dreamboards in Brazil – you can easily find a copy at fairs or street vendors – the artifact is an amulet of the Ojibuas, a people originally from North America.
    For when we sleep, the air is filled with dreams, good and bad. To filter out nightmares and keep good energies floating in the air, dream catchers were created.

4. Greek eye
Also known as the Turkish Eye, this is a popular object that is believed to absorb negative energies, particularly envy.
Therefore, the amulet is used for protection, opening paths of harmony and happiness. . The tip is to place it at the entrance of the house.

5. mirrors
In addition to the feeling of expansion, ideal for small spaces, and expanding the perception of space, according to feng shui, mirrors are important tools to block negative energies and expand positive ones.

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